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To the right are images showing the progression of camera technology we have used, beginning with the Black and White camera, SCSI technology, using a Macintosh computer. Things have changed!

On The Mark Timing aims to ease your meet management stress by providing well trained operators, well maintained equipment and a willingness to listen so you have the event that meets your expectations.

Started in 1996 by two high school track coaches who knew the importance of track meet organization. The FinishLynx timing system was in its beginning stages. Digital technology was the future and a logical transition from AccuTrack film photo finish.

We have come a long way from our one camera (black & white), one computer system with SCSI technology. We now supply 2 independent color (primary & backup) FinishLynx cameras with integrated data management software, wind guage, digital running time clock and/or 1 meter x 2 meter video board.

Our vision is to provide, not only, a reliable and accurate timing service, but an information system that allows interested spectators, anywhere, to view result as the meet proceeds. We want to hear meet management say, "We had no worries about the timing and results".

From our home in central Ohio we have provided timing and data management for all levels of track & field and cross country competitions throughout the Midwest. We have provided service for College, High School, USATF-JO, AAU, and the Hershey Youth Program. Our service provided timing for the NCAA III indoor championships in 2007, 2009-2011 and outdoor championships in 2011.

Please click the services button to see the equipment and read a description of how our system works. If you feel that we can assist you, please contact us. We want to make the meet managers job easier.

Read about the early days of F.A.T. timing in this 1957 Sports Illustrated article. SI 2.11.1957

Watch an excellent 2010 YouTube video on how photo finish works. Photo Finish Explained

Camera Progression


LynxSCSI 1996






Data Management
HS Results
Results/Live Scoreboard
College Results Reporting


FinishLynx Timing

Fully Automatic Timing


The foundation of our business is reliable phototiming. Our reliability is backed by our quality equipment and the fact that we provide two, line scan, timing enabled, cameras as part of our timing service. Barring a complete breakdown we will provide an image and F. A. T. time for each race. The picture from each camera is saved for review if the need arises. We have an inventory of 6 timing enabled cameras providing flexibility when setting up finish lines. Championship meets often setup alternate finishlines or have a camera on each side of the finishline for an alternate view or to take advantage of wind conditions.


Front View Video


IdentiLynx is the perfect compliment to FinishLynx. IdentiLynx gives you a front view of finishers that is great for viewing bib numbers in cross country, track distance races and road races. The video can be captured and uploaded to the Web for viewing by race participants. For more information on IdentiLynx click this link: IdentiLynx Check out our YouTube Channel for uploaded race video: IdentiLynx Video


Results Formatting


ResulTV can display results in various ways. Displaying results on a stadium video board or on our portable 1-meter x 2-meter video board. Spectators are continuously updated with current meet information.

Ohio Wesleyan display using ResulTV

LED Video Display



In addition to regular running time clocks we can provide video displays of different configurations. The Absen7 modular panels can be configured to display many types of information.

Finish Line 1 Meter X 2 Meter Team Scores Field Events

Data Management



Data management is a strong part of what we do. We use Hy-Tek or MeetPro. The FinishLynx software interfaces easily with both data programs. Entries are made easy using various online entry services. We have worked with TimerHub since 2014 to format our Hy-Tek Web results. In 2015 TimerHub developed a Live Scoreboard that allows fans to see the results as they happen on their mobile devices. Official results are posted within minutes of completion to our Web site to keep every fan informed.

Wind Gauges



For outdoor meets we have automatic wind gauges from Gill and FinishLynx. This wind gauges are connected to the FinishLynx system and automatically imports the wind reading into the results. For field events we have a manual wind gauge that can be easily operated by an official.

Lynx Wind Gauge

Chip Timing

Cross Country


In 2013 we added chip timing to our list of services. The Trident system integrates with both FinishLynx and IdentiLynx to give a very reliable finish system for cross country and road racing.




Once your organization has invested in FinishLynx equipment you want to make the most of it. We have worked with FinishLynx since 1996 and can help you get started on the path to running an efficient meet. Nothing can replace practice and experience but our training can put you in a postion to know what to practice and provide a system for running an efficient meet.

Cross Country

Cross Country timing/scoring with FinishLynx and the chip timing system

Cross Country

Outdoor Track

Outdoor setup with primary & backup FinishLynx cameras, IdentiLynx, and Absen7 video results board.


Indoor Track

Indoor set up with 2-finish lines, running time clock and IdentiLynx.




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