About us

On The Mark Timing aims to ease your meet management stress by providing well trained operators, well maintained equipment and a willingness to listen and work with you to have the event that meets your expectations.

Started in 1996 by two high school track coaches who knew the importance of track meet organization. The FinishLynx timing system was in its beginning stages. Digital technology was the future and a logical transition from AccuTrack film photo finish.

We have come a long way from our one camera (black & white), one computer system with SCSI technology. We now supply 2 independent color (primary & backup) FinishLynx cameras with integrated data management software, wind gauge, digital running time clock and/or 1 meter x 2 meter video board.

Our vision is to provide a service for your track or cross country meet that is efficient, reliable, and accurate. We want to hear the meet manager say, "I had no worries about the timing and results".

From our home in central Ohio we have provided timing and data management for all levels of track & field and cross country competitions throughout the Midwest. We have provided service for College, High School, USATF-JO, AAU, and the Hershey Youth Program. Our service provided timing for the NCAA III indoor championships in 2007, 2009-2011 and outdoor championships in 2011.

Please click the services button to see the equipment and read a description of how our system works. If you feel that we can assist you please contact us. We want to make the meet managers life easier.

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